Where You Really Came From

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    Deepak Chopra
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    In this video I am reading a few passages from my book co-written with Menas Kafatos You Are the Universe, specifically the chapter “Where You Really Came From”.

    I am addressing questions like where did we come from, where is the source of our existence, what is time, what is the meaning of birth and death and other issues that once understood can lead to freedom from all kinds of existential conundrums.

    Let me know what you think!


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    thanks for the beautiful poems as always. I am started to see that my separate self (ego) is the angry one. I know when people do things that are not loving or kind, I tend to provoke my ego and hopefully I will learn on the way. I have been challenging myself on loving people more than anything that I owe or have in this 3D world.

    Thank you and namesta.

    Solongo ( Rainbow in Mongolian)

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    Dear Deepak, I have been aware of the things you talked about in the video for a while, but needed the glue to fix them together. Thank you; through your wonderful book YATU, the video and kind sharing from other forum members, you have helped me to consolidate my thoughts and I have the confirmation that I am quite conscious. I see the form because I have the sight. Namaste, Steve Costello . . . with still much to learn 🙂

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