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    Menas Kafatos
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    Here is the big one! The question of all questions: Who Am I? Am I a mere mortal with a finite body and mind? Or am I something more? I know, you will say “but you wrote a whole book You Are the Universe so why are you asking? The reason I am asking is because this is a question that should be asked every day! We will see that as we move through life, asking this question grounds us.

    You Are the Universe means you are aware of your greatness. You are aware that you are one with everything. Even if it does not seem that way all the time (most of the time?), little by little you will see the change.



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    Dear Menas,

    I had posted this in an earlier question to Deepak, but felt it appropriate to your question.

    Who are you master?
    Oh that is a deep question
    But if I should go to the root
    Then I shall say
    I am my mother
    Who is this earth
    And my father
    The spirit who gave her life
    So you tell me who you are
    And then you will find your answer
    To who I am

    I will learn about you
    And you will learn about me
    You see

    We are the product of the union of truth and love
    We are the glory that followed

    Much love, Krista

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    In this life I an Steve, I have a loving family and friends and I live in a troubled world. I listen intently to the Master within who guides me along my path. Everyday I learn, experience and feel. I interact and share my love of our wonderful Universe. I know very little, I have much to learn. I am a child of The Universe. I am a connection of the Whole.

    Peace, Love and Happiness, Steve C

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      Aurora Carlson
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      How wonderful to meet you Steve! 🙂 Thank you for joining us on YATU, we love sharing love and learning together!
      I look forward to reading more from you!

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    Dear means.
    It will really sounds amazing if I can say with certainty that I am this or that I am. For now I’m just a prodigal son trying to remember my real name. It’s a long journey but the good news is some have already made it and are willing to help others embark on their own journey. Thank you Menas for the good work at there. I have been following on SAND.

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    Vikram Chauhan
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    I had asked the question to myself about 13 years back. And I realized that I am the universe. Then I asked, what is the universe? The universe is nothing but thoughts. What are thoughts? Thoughts are nothing but potentiality (they can be converted into an actual thought by a conscious being).

    The universal consciousness collapsed the first potential thought into an actual thought.
    Once the actual thought was born, it collapsed other potential thoughts into actual thoughts (into animate and inanimate objects).
    And thus the universe was born.
    And finally came the homo sapient species – who extrapolated the universe to the big bang.

    Please let me know if you find any flaw in my flow of thoughts, and correct it.


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    Paul Gopal
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    Thanks Menas for this question.
    I have been to India 3 times & have met some of the best teachers of our time.
    At the time, I wondered how what they were sharing could continue.
    It is wonderful that @Deepak Chopra & you are reaching so many people & that so many are sharing their experiences here.
    An interesting recent coincidence for me is that I have just met a beautiful acupuncturist & am experiencing a yin yang healing with her.

    Aham Brahmasmi I am the universe

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      there is no such thing as coincidence it is just the mind connecting two unique events, if the mind does not make the connection then there is no coincidence therefore coincidence is just an illusion of the mind.

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    Here’s a thought. I feel physically very tired today but my spirit soars and is full of life and energy. Two sides to the same coin?

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    I approached this question after I felt intense dissatisfaction, emotional turmoil, and identity crisis having to fit with cultural and gender expectations of my own conditioned mind. I quit my job to be with my pre-school daughter and regain my emotional balance, harmony and sanity.

    The question ‘who am I’ arose after my mind relaxed more and more with present moment mindful-awareness amid daily chores. ‘Am I my body…am I my mind? What happens to my mind, stream of consciousness when the last breath goes out…? Is there a point after death, or repeated birth and deaths… after end of all cravings and desire, where consciousness no longer attach or identify to form, feeling, perception, and volitional impulses ….as my mind became progressively unbounded and still….wonderful feelings of bliss, happiness…love…….equanimity emerged…naturally without any instruction, technique or method…”

    I know this inquiry can take one to their biggest breakthrough… ecstacy and glimpse of ultimate freedom and liberation from the shakles of conditioned mind, empty of all constructed reality of concepts…I had no teacher, instruction or method… just an open mind with an open inquiry and an unshakable intention to know the ‘Truth’.


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      Aurora Carlson
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      @susmita , thank you, that was beautiful! It shows how simple the way back home is, and in your case, it was obviously also easy 🙂 Can you sustain the realization through all experience?

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    who am I is a question that can only be answered through experiencing ones true nature; that which we are beyond the egoic mind, its projections of reality and illusion of time.

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    I don’t know who you are. I only know I exist. If the universe comes from me then everyone else is virtual — Minions created by me to provide input into discovery of who “I” am and what “is”.

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