What is Faith? Is it Necessary? Deepak Chopra, MD

//What is Faith? Is it Necessary? Deepak Chopra, MD

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  • Thank you.I have had the same question for a long time and am searching for faith.I will view again and get your book.I struggle with faith and thought to believe was positive.I was believing in faith to get by difficult times in life.I think I need to study your understanding of belief and guess I am early on in my journey.I am a 56 yr old nurse.My belief necklace helped me to keep my faith as I experience challenges and grief in my life.Perhaps this was not innapropriate but will learn your meaning of belief.A little confusing how a positive word can be a negative but as I said I am learning and getting more perspective on life.Hope to learn more but practical and not get overwhelmed.Am weak now and pray I get stronger.

    Donna 15.05.2017

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